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Access A Trader is a live trading community, working together, to develop winning strategies using Dan’s PS60 theory so you can prosper in any market condition.

If 90% of data tells us that traders fail, why would you want to trade the “normal ” way?

The PS60 Theory, developed by Dan Shapiro, uses the theory that stocks trade from supply to supply and demand to demand. This creates a clean and uncluttered view for success. The theory’s success comes from basing setups off of only 6 hourly candles each day as opposed to 320 one minute candles that most traders use. Stocks that confirmed the previous supply or demand have a high probability of cash flow and profits!

No one else on the planet trades this way…except us.

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Meet The Pros

Dan Shapiro
Dan ShapiroFounder: AAT, Creator: PS60 Theory
Dan has been trading since 1998. He successfully navigated through the Asian Crisis, the Dot.com Era, 9/11 and the Mortgage Crash. He’s traded alongside some of the top pro traders during his career and many have become life long friends. All those experiences and 10,000+ hours of screen time led him to start Access A Trader in 2010. It was there where he launched his revolutionary PS60 Theory Trading System – a ‘live interactive webinar’ focused on education and strategy. His goal is to create intelligent traders, that are focused on process in order to protect their capital first followed by finding profitable success in the markets.
Kenyon Salo
Kenyon SaloMentor, Access A Trader
Kenyon recently ventured into trading. After some trials and tribulations, he sought out a mentor which led him to the best of the best – Dan Shapiro. Immediately, Kenyon’s trading P&L reflected an 80%+ win rate. Dan and Kenyon quickly bonded and become friends. Shortly thereafter they decided to move forward with a success plan to show others how Access A Trader could simply and easily help many new, as well as seasoned traders, find the same love that Dan and Kenyon have for the markets and to trade profitable P&Ls.

“Forget what you did yesterday and today. Tomorrow is the first day for the rest of your trading life. Stop the madness and identify a process that works for you — not someone else. For you.”

-Dan Shapiro, Founder of Access A Trader and Creator of the PS60 Theory

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