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The opinions expressed by Access A Trader are purely our opinions. Positions or trades discussed are neither a solicitation to buy or sell securities nor investment advice. Access A Trader is not an investment adviser. We do not manage assets for individuals or institutions. We are not compensated directly or indirectly by any securities discussed. Every member is responsible for his or her decision to buy or sell securities. Day trading is extremely difficult and most people do lose a portion or all of their money. Consult your investment professional for any investment advice. Access A Trader is for educational purposes only.

Access A Trader may express or utilize testimonials or descriptions of past performance, but such items are not indicative of future results or performance, or any representation, warranty or guaranty that any result will be obtained by you.  The results and performances of Access A Trader and its members are NOT TYPICAL, and you should not expect to achieve the same or similar results or performance.  Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by Access A Trader due to a number of factors.