“One last thing. You guys are really the only ones out there in tweeterville and youtube that have a legit process. 99% of everything else out there is crap as far as I can see. There’s so much drama too lately between all these day traders What a joke. Its like frigging Tupac against Biggie. Anyways, Thank you guys for always being legit and honest. Hagw”

Brian Dee - Access A Trader MemberBrian D.

“Really just wanted to thank you. It began with your ‘Chat With Traders” Podcast Appearance. I must have listened to it 10 times. Of course the room and your webinars are great. Today I am much more of a patient and calm trader. Cannot thank you enough.”

Access A Trader Member

“Just wanted to say thank you as my pivots in the first month changed my whole life as a trader. A year from now I could be anywhere. I pretty much have great “Spidey Senses” but also when I alert certain levels to you, it definitely gives me more insight and I wouldn’t have had as high of a win ration without that….Also see your opinion an it’s been tremendous.”

Access A Trader Member

“Having the best week, two weeks and four weeks of my career day trading…..I made my monthly salary trading last month and did half of it today alone.  Feel like after three years I am no longer part of the 93%…..I listen to you seven hours most every day so you have to be considered a friend, and I have to share this with someone who won’t think I am crazy!”

Neal Ham - Access A Trader MemberNeal H.

“Dan teaches a process, which is a word that is often repeated but not really understood but in trading terms it means the establishment of a repeatable set of actions with risk parameters that have a positive expected value.”

Albert C.

“Since joining the room six weeks ago, I’ve been applying the PS60 Theory to my trading, mostly taking daily long swings with a holding time of a day or two. I’ve also taken a few day trades from the watchlist and beta stocks. I’ve been taking baby steps throughout the this process by risking .25% of my account on each trade, stops at previous day’s low. During this six week period I’ve had an 80% win rate on my trades, totaling an account increase of 4%.”

Access A Trader Member

“Wanted to take this time to reflect on the history that I have had with Dan and his service. Started trading about seven years ago with Dan when his approach was focused on small caps and swing trading . I worked second shift at the time so this allowed time to absorb a lot of info from Dan and his supportive community. After some time away from the room because of some personal issues I returned to trade full time.What I find special and unique is the transparency and honesty that Dan promotes, professionalism at its best ! Dan always takes time to answer ALL questions as he prides himself on giving  100 percent to his room and his family. I consider Dan a great friend and he has only enhanced my trading exponentially ! I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with the great person!”

Lynden Harris - Access A Trader MemberLynden H., Day Trader

“Following up to share my progress with you since joining the team mid-July. Throughout this time I’ve continued to integrate the PS60 theory into my trading and have been practicing being a more disciplined trader. By being patient for my spots, trading small, and focusing on consistency my account has increased 15%. It’s not as flashy as what we may see on social media, but I don’t have the big ups and downs I used to experience. I now feel more confident and in control of the trades. Thank you once again for your time and dedication assisting everyone in the room each day.”