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EP 032: How to handle a run of losses & grind through slumps, while keeping your emotions intact w/ Dan Shapiro

Podcast  /  By Aaron Fifield  / 

EP 066: Blocking excess noise, establishing your process and getting screen time w/ Dan Shapiro

Podcast  /  By Aaron Fifield  / 

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Let the trade play out organically and slowly remove emotions.

Since new traders are mostly under-capitalized, this translates into being emotionally engulfed into every trade. Since lack of process is missing from their foundation, the risk aspect of the trade turns into a guessing game…..

aat sang lucci

Anabolic Trader

April 12, 2016: Why Penny Stock Trading Should Be Boring, Period!

Why do so many people start with penny stock trading? Is it for the money? Obviously. However, they do it for the adrenaline rush too. The thrill of placing a trade and making a profit. People LOVE IT! But when they lose for the first time, they say to themselves ‘Hey, maybe it’s just not meant to be a penny stock trader’ and move on to another money making adventure.