I think a lot of you guys know the story of how I got my start in the trading business. But you probably don’t know that the story actually started much earlier than that, back when I was in grade school.

When I was growing up, I was dirt broke. One day, one of my classmates, Gene, invited me over to his house to play Atari. What the heck is this Atari you speak of? When I got there, he said, “Dan, this is Ms. Pac-Man.” Dear lord, this is unbelievable. I was hooked. Gene became my best friend throughout grade school. In fact, all of the kids in our neighborhood lived through Gene — he was always the kid with the new gadget while the rest of our parents were dead broke.

One summer, Gene went away to summer camp and met a bunch of new kids.  All of them would go to the pool together for some free swim sessions in the summer heat. Apparently, one of the kids didn’t know how to swim as well as the others and came very close to drowning. Fortunately, Gene saw what was happening and jumped in to save him. For obvious reasons, the two of them became very close after that.

Here’s the ironic part of the story if you believe in 6 degrees of separation… Gene and I gradually drifted apart as many childhood friends do. Years later, however, my mom started dating the father of the kid who had almost drowned. That kid’s name was Zach. And he was the guy who told me about trading and introduced me to this world.

When I think about the chain of events in my own life, that day that Gene saved Zach from drowning is huge. If not for that, there’s a good chance I would have never found trading. There’s also a good chance I wouldn’t have been hanging out with one of my buddies that led to me meeting my future wife. And there’s zero chance I would be sitting here writing this blog. Ain’t life some shit?

Hope everyone did well this week. Enjoy the weekend.

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